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Michael Miller is a reputable author at Great Nation Moving and an expert in moving, packing and storage topics.

7 Tips for Moving to a New City Alone

Moving to a new city or town is seldom an easy thing to do – you’re leaving a place that is familiar, you’re parting with dear friends (your best friends), and you’re moving to a new area where your future is even more uncertain than before. Unfortunately, things can and most likely will be even […]

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What to Do When Furniture Won’t Go Through the Door: 7 Steps

One of the major disadvantages of moving by yourself, as opposed to hiring professional packers and movers, is when you do decide to move some of your large furniture with you. The problem, of course, usually arises on the day of the move when you have to physically move the big and heavy furniture items […]

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How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving: 3 Steps

Once you make the informed decision to pack up your home by yourself, you’re most certainly going to adapt the room-by-room packing strategy for ultimate efficiency. And when you do, the house packing process will inevitably take you to the bathroom as well. At first, the task of packing bathroom items for moving sounds pretty […]

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Why Is Moving So Stressful?

Moving is usually ranked among the most stressful events in life – and if you’ve ever moved house, you likely agree. But why is that? Why is moving so stressful? Considering how draining moving is – physically, emotionally, and financially – and how many things can go wrong during the relocation process, the answer is […]

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How to Move a Washing Machine

Big and heavy, washing machines are quite difficult to move from one home to another. To make matters even more complicated, washers require a lot of pre-move preparation – you can’t just unplug the appliance and load it on the moving truck. Washing machines need to be disconnected from the water supply, drained completely, and […]

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Tips for Moving in the Rain

Moving is always difficult, but rain on moving day increases the challenge tenfold. A heavy downpour can completely derail your moving plans and even a light shower can cause plenty of troubles – wet walkways (high risk of accidents and injuries), wet and dirty floors (increased risk of accidents, potential moisture damage to the floors, […]

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What to Do With Boxes After Moving

So, your move is finally over and you have just finished unpacking and setting up your new home. Yet, the place probably looks more like a warehouse rather than a cozy home right now – with piles of cardboard boxes everywhere! You need to get rid of the empty boxes as soon as possible, so […]

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How to Pack a TV for Moving

When the time comes to move out, you wouldn’t even think about leaving your favorite TV set behind. After all, your TV does not only provide hours and hours of pure entertainment – it is also an expensive piece of electronics and as such, it represents a considerable investment on your part that you would […]

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Tips for Moving With a Dog Across the Country

Moving is stressful for everyone – even for pets. The hectic moving preparations disrupt their daily routine and they get nervous and anxious. Then moving day comes and things become even worse – pets get confused and scared by the unusual activities and unfamiliar people going in and out of the house and can easily […]

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How to Pack Jewelry for Moving: 6 Jewelry Packing Steps

Packing jewelry for a move can be very tricky for several valid reasons. First of all, some jewelry pieces can be super expensive which should make you even more worried about their safety during the relocation. What’s more, some of the ones you’re moving will have strong sentimental value – they may not be necessarily […]

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