How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Michael Miller is a reputable author at Great Nation Moving and an expert in moving, packing and storage topics.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Packing for moving is never easy, but some things are definitely easier to pack than others – packing books, for example, is nothing like packing electronics, packing clothes or shoes cannot even be compared to packing plates and glasses, etc.

In fact, packing glasses for moving is one of the hardest tasks you will need to take care of when preparing for your forthcoming relocation. Glasses are extremely delicate and fragile and, therefore, easily prone to damage – in order to survive the move in one piece they need top-notch protection.

So, if you want to reduce the risk of damage to your tumblers, goblets, flutes, and other drinking glasses when taking them from your old home to your new one, you need to know how to provide them with the best protection possible.

Read on to find out how to pack glasses for moving so they arrive at your new home safe and intact:

Get quality packing supplies

Your first step to ensuring the safety of your glasses during your house move is to get quality packing supplies – sturdy boxes and soft cushioning and wrapping materials that will keep your delicate glassware well protected during the entire relocation process:

  • Boxes for packing glasses – Dish boxes are the best packing containers for glasses – they’re made of thick cardboard that provides excellent protection to the packed items and come with cell dividers that keep the individual items in the box in place and prevent them from coming in contact with one another during transit. If you cannot afford specialty dish packs, you can use any strong, medium-sized cardboard boxes. Keep in mind, though, that packing glasses in used boxes you can get for free is not a good idea – it may help you save money but it will increase the risk of damage to your glasses (old boxes are usually weaker and less reliable – their integrity may be compromised from previous uses and they may fall apart during the move, causing your glasses to break);
  • Soft packing paper – Make sure you get soft and smooth packing paper that will not scratch the delicate glass surface. Never wrap your glasses in old newspapers, as they may leave ugly ink stains on the glass surface. You can use crumpled newsprint to fill the empty spaces in the boxes after the glasses have been arranged in the moving cartons;
  • Bubble wrap – Bubble wrap is great for protecting breakables and will be especially useful for packing stemmed glasses;
  • Cushioning materials – Towels, packing peanuts, foam sheets, and other padding materials will help ensure the safety of your glasses during the move;
  • Packing tape – Quality packing tape will keep the protective wrappings in place and will help you reinforce the moving boxes and seal them properly;
  • Permanent marker – You will need a permanent marker to label your glassware moving boxes and write the necessary handling instructions.

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Sort out your glasses

Packing your glasses for moving will be easier and much more efficient if you sort them out first and group them by type.

Arrange all your glasses on the table and carefully inspect each and every piece – if you find any cracked, chipped, permanently stained, or otherwise damaged glasses, recycle them before the move.

Set aside crystal glasses, glasses of high sentimental value, and other extremely valuable glassware. Put sets of glasses together and separate stemmed glasses from flat-bottomed glasses.

Pack your glasses in a safe and efficient way

Once you’ve prepared the necessary packing materials and sorted your glasses, you can start the actual packing job.

The best way to pack glasses is to wrap each piece individually in packing paper and place it in a separate cell in the dish box.

How to wrap glasses for moving

  • Place a large towel on the kitchen table or counterplot;
  • Lay out several sheets of soft packing paper over the towel;
  • Place a glass on its side on the stack of paper, close to a corner and diagonally to it;
  • Take two sheets of paper from the corner and wrap them as one around the glass, rolling the glass as you go;
  • Tuck the upper ends of the paper into the glass’s opening and fold over the bottom ends under the glass;
  • Secure the wrapping with bubble wrap.

How to pack glasses in a box

  • Reinforce the box with packing tape and line the bottom with a protective layer of crumpled paper, bubble wrap, foam sheets, or other appropriate cushioning materials. Place any cell dividers on top of the protective padding;
  • Place the wrapped glasses in the box upright, with their openings facing downwards. If you’re using a dish box with dividers, place each glass in a separate cell;
  • Provide plenty of cushioning between the glasses – to provide them with some extra protection and keep them from coming in contact with each other during the move;
  • If there is enough space in the box, you can arrange a second layer of glasses over the first one (only if the first layer consists of flat-bottomed glasses).  Make sure you place the heavier glasses on the bottom and cover them with a soft towel, several sheets of bubble wrap, or a couple of foam sheets before arranging the lighter glasses on top of them;
  • Fill any empty spaces in the box with crumpled paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other cushioning materials to prevent the glasses from shifting during transit;
  • Add a final layer of bubble wrap on top of the glasses, close the box, and seal it with packing tape;
  • Label the box with its contents and destination room, indicate which side is up, and write FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE on all sides of the moving container.

How to pack wine glasses for moving

Wine glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, and other stemmed glasses present a big packing challenge – the thin, delicate stems are very vulnerable to damage, and preventing them from breaking during transit is extremely difficult.

To ensure the safety of your stemware during the relocation process, you need to pack the glasses like a pro:

  • Wrap the stem of each glass in multiple sheets of bubble wrap. Use packing tape to secure the protective wrapping in place;
  • Stuff some crumpled paper into the glass bowl for added support;
  • Wrap the entire glass in packing paper as described above;
  • Pack the glasses in a cell box (put each stemmed glass in a separate cell). Never pack other glasses on top of stemmed glasses;
  • Add plenty of padding into the box to keep the glasses well cushioned and completely immobile during transportation;
  • Create a protective layer of bubble wrap on top of the glasses, seal the box well, and label it with all the necessary handling instructions.

Knowing how to pack glassware for moving the right way will help you keep your beautiful glasses safe and sound during the move – you will find them intact when you open up your boxes in your new home and will be able to raise a toast to your successful relocation.

Keep in mind though that packing glasses for moving is really tricky – if you’re not up to the challenge, you can always hire professional packers and movers to take care of your tumblers and goblets – and of all your other belongings. Your relocation will be safe and easy and you will have all the more reason to break out the champagne (served in perfectly intact flutes, of course).

By Michael Miller

Michael Miller is a reputable author at Great Nation Moving and an expert in moving, packing and storage topics.

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